Ladies Are Swine – Maeve Nonye

Fast Rising Nigeria lifestyle and natural hair blogger Maeve Nonye has revealed that ladies are Swine.

According to a post she made on her Facebook page, she posits that ladies hates each other and that she prefers having male friends to female Pals.


Listen to me, a girl is the worst enemy of another girl. The jealousy, the envy, the manipulation, the gossip, the embarrassment, the list goes on, smh.


Why are there only tales of ladies killing each other for men, jealousy, physical beauty, & earthly possessions while there are rare cases of men doing so. They walk away jeje & continue their life. Mehn! I admire this their attitude to life, i can’t even lie rn.

A lady would rather call you a “runs girl” instead of asking you how you manage to do & live better than her. She doesn’t want to stoop below her “class” or misrepresent.

She would never support the sister’s little effort to hustle. A female uber driver once said “ladies always insult, disrespect & give me bad reviews, while guys encourage me to keep going while giving me good reviews”

She would steal your boyfriend that treats you like a queen just so you don’t get happy but normally they end up messing their miserable lives up (so, don’t worry about that. Your real man cannot be stolen)

She would share the screenshot of your heart to heart conversation to the world just to make an impression, a stupid one!

They would pour another acid, tear their faces with blades just because they feel the other looks more beautiful than them.

Ladies fear ladies, you can handle men but trust me not your fellow ladies. They think with 2 sides of their brain just like you & most times evil moves faster.

Girl friendship is something i find really hard to build especially during my teenage & young adult age. I meet lots of girls & discarded them almost immediately not just because they only talked about boys, they were dangerous to my life & future.

I have only kept 2 very close girl friends since childhood though I still look forward to meeting more amazing girls in the future.

I understand a girl is built to seek validation from the opposite gender & see one another as a competition rather than sisters. We fight a stupid battle of “the gang queen”, competing amongst ourselves, exposing each others low times to feel stronger or happier maybe fulfilled? I dunno, you people should let me know oo

We spend so much time & effort pulling each other down than uplifting, we end up a laughing stock. Is this the attitude we are passing to the next generation?

What if we decide to not be the product of what we were designed to be?
What if we rise about the strong urge to compete with one another?
What if we choose to empower, support & uplift one other?
What if we choose to show love, appreciation & respect to one another ?
What if we choose to be confident in our own bodies & be filled with contentment for whatever we have ?
What if we choose to seek validation from God & not men?

Ladies, together we are a force that’s unstoppable but while we are still in this cold war of back bitting, cheating, stealing gossiping, revealing each other’s secrets, etc. We are nothing but another case of
“UMU NWANNYI EHH” (ladies eh in Igbo language)

You can choose to do better, because others are already doing it. Shout out to those SUPER WOMEN. Your kids are depending on you to raise them better, the world needs our unstoppable force, step up!!!



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