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Burna Boy Odogwu Lyrics

Burna Boy Odogwu Lyrics

When I reach Igbo land them calling me Odogwu (Odogwu)
And as I enter the town I put am for agu (Odogwu)
And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass oh
Over any obstacle e be Odogwu (Odogwu)
Say na who they draw the map e o? (Odogwu)
You are looking at the champion (Odogwu)
Where they girls na shaky nyansh e o? (Odogwu)
Wey the person, with the cash e o? (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)
Make I remind you as e dey go
Bounce to the sound, when I bounce with the dough
Serve yourself na the matter we dey do
Omo you dey slow, move make I move
I go slide, then you go sink like a boat
Me I just dey laugh like say life is a joke
I like Igbo girls, wey dey clean, wey dey cook
If their boyfriend no get money…


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