Apple Net Worth 2020: What you should know

Apple Net Worth

Before January 2020, the best mobile phone in the globe Apple Net worth would increase drastically to around $1.4 trillion. This is a huge amount of company but nothing to worry because Samsung Phones is worth the net worth of Samsung.

Records Set By Apple Company:

As at 2018,Apple became the first household mobile company to hit a whooping amount of $1 trillion valuation mark. But their market capitalization was able to reach this amazing value was because of the increase they saw in share price, sales, and profit.

As of 2019, people mostly asked how much is Samsung worth and that alone skyrocketed their net worth to around $940 billion.


How Apple got to this net worth:

Apple net worth increased because they’ve made an art form of moving its customer base from one product to another. People mostly searched apple products ranging from how much is Samsung galaxy s5.

So far so good, customers have trusted the company with the view that they will work on all categories in the apple ecosystem.

While apple maintain its spot at the top, Google is closing fast with the net worth valued to be around $167.7 billion, and this is below the 23% of apple worth for the past four years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that this is not the best measure in checking the company’s success, while stating that the technology and mobile giant is standing on its own with a building worth over hundreds of billions.

If apple is said to be a country, it’ll be the 27th richest country, behind Pakistan and above Malasyia, according to the CIA World Factbook

With the Apple net worth, the mobile company can buy one billion people a $999 iPhone X and still have some cash left in their reservation



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